Situated in the heart of Suffolk, endless paths stretch to all reaches of our gorgeous surroundings.

We have mapped out some of our favourites for you to follow, whether you’d like a short stroll or a heavy hike.

Be sure to stop by for a meal at The Lindsey Rose at the end of your walk. It’s the perfect spot to refuel. 

These walks can get a bit muddy during wet weather so be sure to bring wellies and warm clothing.  

What is your favourite walk?

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Kersey Circular

  • 2 hours 30 minutes 
  • 6 miles (10km) 
  • Intermediate walking ability 
  • Leaded dogs welcome 

For those who want to see all our local sights, this walk is ideal! The gorgeous rolling landscapes of Suffolk hold so much history and there is no better way to explore it! The paths you will be taking are the same 13th century pilgrims as far back as the reign of King Edward III. This walk will take you across farmland, through woodland, to ancient castles & towering churches. We’ve mapped out the perfect route for you to see it all. 


1. Stepping out of The Lindsey Rose, turn left 

2. Follow the road through Lindsey Tye 

3. At the 2nd Y-junction follow the road to the left

4. Continue to follow road until the hedgerows stop either side of the road 

5. Follow the footpath signpost that indicates left 

6. Continue across farmland 

7. Pass through woodland & continue across farmland 

8. Pass by another patch of woodland 

9. Continue across farmland until the hedgerow at the end of the field is reached 

10. Turn right and continue to the road (Priory Hill) 

11. After passing the red bricked house, turn right onto the footpath  

12. Turn left at the road by Priory Farm and follow until The Street, Kersey 

13. Turn right (Continue on Church Hill to reach St Mary’s Church) 

14. Turn right again at The Grn and pass through the wooden gate beside the timber-frame house 

15. Follow path until stile & continue over stile turning to the left & beginning uphill across meadow 

17. Pass over stile at the other side of the meadow and continue along field edge 

18. At crossroad continue over in the direction of Kersey Tye 

19. At the next crossroad continue over into farmland walking in diagonal right direction 

20. Continue to follow path, passing Lindsey Castle, until Priory Hill road reached 

21. Follow the road to the left, passing St James’ Chapel 

22. At Rose Green crossroad turn right and follow the road, passing St Peter’s Church until you return to The Lindsey Rose 

More walks coming soon…